Monday, February 16, 2015


I took a random sentence (In Bold) and wrote for five minutes.  The following is the story I received.

Please send me any opening lines you want to see turned into short stories.   

He realized the child had seen him and he couldn't let him get away.

Todd Summers leapt through traffic, barely noticing the bus that almost hit him.  It wouldn’t have really mattered if it had.   

The tiny boy in the red baseball cap dashed up a driveway across the street and scurried down an alley lined with trash bags. 

Todd bolted after him.  By the time he reached the alley the little boy had vanished.  Todd sprinted to the very end of the alley and scanned the massive parking lot filled with cars, people and a million places for a tiny boy to hide. 

A spare flicker of movement flashed out of the corner of Todd’s eyes.  He spun around just in time to see the boy crawl out from behind the dumpster.  The boy made a mad dash back the way he had come and may have gotten away once again except he tripped over his own two legs and skittered across the pavement. 

Before the boy could stand, Todd picked him up by the back of his shirt and held him up in the air.

“Let me go!”  The boy squirmed.  “Let me go Todd.”

“First, I want to explain what you saw.”

“Shut up!”  The boy slapped a button behind Todd’s ear.  The adult’s face and chest slid open revealing the little boy cramped inside the mechanical suite.  “Mom says we’re not aloud to use the grown up suite on weekends!”  The little boy shouted.  “And I’m telling!”   

Monday, February 9, 2015

TWO PENNY SAGA: The Dog's Revenge.

I've gotten back into the habit of writing these on my own and decided that I should start posting them again.  

Any first sentences you'd like to see turned into short stories, please send my way.   

Who would have poisoned the old man’s dog?

Well there were plenty of suspects if the truth be told.

The old man was seeing the very fine looking widow McGoratte who runs the yarn shop on High Street.  She had a bit of an evil streak to her.   

He owed money to his Barber after all those poker games lasted until three in the morning. 

There were times when Big Al at the drug store would give the old man the evil eye.  Folk say that he shoplifted from Big Al, Big Al’s daddy and Big Al’s grand daddy all the way back to when the old man was in diapers. 

Hell, Cecil who bags groceries at the corner general says that it was widow McGoratte’s undead husband who came back to avenge his wife’s purity.

But all of that is foolishness. 

The dog poisoned itself. 

You don’t think that a dog would kill itself?  Well it didn’t.  I was the one who sold the dog that concoction, just enough to knock it out for a day and a half.  I’d bet you a million dollars that if you checked that grave tonight you’d find it empty.

That dog had plans, big plans.  He knew things about the old man that would turn your spine to jelly.  The dog hasn’t left town yet, but he will soon.  And that old man will be the last to see him before he leaves for good.