Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Attack the Block Movie Trailer Official (HD)

John Boyega's (star of the insanely anticipated STAR WARS EPISODE VII) first performance in science-fiction.

Running Time:  88 Minutes (of pure sci-fi anarchy)

Directed by: Joe Cornish 

Staring: Jodie Whittaker 
John Boyega
Alex Esmail
The always hilaroious Nick Frost also has a small part.

Plot: "A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion." -IMDB

How I Discovered It:
I watched the trailer online when the film was first released and more or less forgot that the movie existed (the trailer seems to try its hardest to hide what makes Attack the Block memorable).  However, over the past year I became aware of the film's devoted cult following and found it on Time Out London's "The 100 Best Sci-fi Movies List,"   

My Iconic Scene: This one comes at the beginning, before there is even a hint of science fiction.  Local nurse, Sam (Jodie Whittaker), is mugged while walking home.  At first the muggers appear to be brutal, hardened criminals but we quickly see that they are a mishmash of (mostly) inept rejects.  The character's true natures are the opposite of what we expect (and what they want to be).  This realization sets the tone for the rest of the film, both in terms of themes as well as the movie's sense of humor. 

Who Should Embrace this Movie: The short answer is: fans of science-fiction and comedy.  It's easy to dub this film: "Shaun of the Dead with aliens."  However while Shawn... has its own message concerning humanity and society, the message behind Attack the Block is considerably more severe and its observations a great deal more critical.

Attack the Block reportedly drew controversy for having heroes who were willing to mug an innocent woman.  These characters aren't charming Jack Dawson-like rogues.  They may be wacky, off-the-wall kids but many other movies would choose to portray them as the villains.

The film doesn't advocate muggings (obviously).  However, it does tell a science-fiction story from the point of view of inner city kids without romanticizing their poverty or their neglect.  These criminals are kids who have been forgotten and don't have much but each other.

Attack the Block is a film for people who aren't just seeking jumps and laughs but also a world that is often ignored in popular cinema.  The film's conclusion is particularly relevant to the racial/economic tension taking place at this very moment.    Of course don't go into this film expecting a documentary. It is very much a fantasy, but it's a fantasy populated by people you normally do not see in this genre (or who are immediately killed off if you do).