Friday, July 3, 2015

Skydiving Trip

Here are some more pictures of the skydiving trip from a couple weeks back. 

  •  The most terrifying part of the entire experience was when I actually had to step out of the plane.  Every part of my body was saying, "No!  This isn't right! Don't do that!"and my legs had to override basic common sense. 

  • Once I jumped the whole experience was so unreal I forgot that I was supposed to be scared and just started goofing off.

  • I have no idea what I was trying to do here.   

  • So remember that scene from Dr. Strangelove where Major Kong rides the bomb?  I tried my hardest to imitate his "whoops."  That's right, I made a movie reference while falling from two miles in the air!  My mom would be so proud of me.  

  • The first time Kimmy and I went skydiving I spent most of the fall thinking, "When is the shoot going to open?  Why hasn't it opened yet?"  To be honest, that didn't really cross my mind this time.  Either because I was more comfortable with the experience or because the fall just was a lot shorter.  I'll let you decide.  

  • My favorite part was just chilling over the countryside.  

  •  It's a fun thought that someday I might get trained and do this solo but not in this lifetime.
  • This really was a blast.  I recommend it for anyone who is physically able and from what I understand it's as dangerous as it seems.  Our instructors could potentially make over ten drops in a day and they're with this job for years or even decades.  I really wanted to ask if they even feel the adrenaline anymore. 

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