Thursday, September 29, 2011


My friend, Mel P., suggested this first line to me.  I wrote for five minutes.  This is what I got.  (If you have any suggestions for prompts let me know.)  

"Henry knew it was only a matter of time before they found him."

Holding his breath, he peeked out of the cupboard beneath the sink.  There were footsteps.  Henry pulled back.

He heard the boys run into the kitchen.  Brandon growled, "Where is that little snot?"

Henry clutched his bottle and prayed that the boys would go away.

One of the other boys said, "I'll look out back, you guys check out the rest of the house."  He heard their footsteps running away.  

Henry pulled himself out of the cupboard and stood in the middle of the kitchen.  He was trapped.  One of them was in the backyard.  The others would hear him if he tried to unlock the back door.  Becomming desperate, Henry spun around and almost crashed into Billy, Brandon's brother.

Billy was clutching his teddy bear and sucking his thumb.  Henry crouched down in front of Billy and whispered, "Hey you know what would be really cool?  If there was a door right there leading outside!"  He shoved the bottle into the boy's arm.  "Why don't you wish there was a door right there in that wall?"

"Hey butt face!"  Brandon shouted running into the room.  He grabbed Henry by the collar and shoved him into the refrigerator.  "You stupid genie!  When my sister wished that she was the greatest music entertainer in the world she didn't want you to turn her into Michael Jackson!   Now turn her back!"   

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