Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm back! (Finally)

It's been excruciatingly too long since my last post.  Honestly, I don't even have an excuse.  Of course I've been busy, but who isn't busy?  I can't even remember what was happening in my life around my last post.  Probably what happened was I just had an extremely busy week and then the blog just fell off to the sides and since then the more time that's passed has meant that it's been harder to get back up on the horse.  Remember kids, that's why you always post at least three times a week or else your blog will die.   

But I assure you I have been overwhelmingly busy.  Along with maintaining basic hygiene, trying to eat at least two meals a day and seeing The Avengers I have done the following since my last post:

-Finished the most complete draft of Edge Country yet.

-Officially started the rough draft of a new novel (currentlty untitled.) 

-Read 22 Books

-Attended the Backspace Writers' conference in New York.  (My true inspiration for returning to this blog)

-Kept up with wedding plans. 

-Attended my 7th college reunion (which wiped me out for a week)

-Planned a honeymoon

-And I also bought one of these:

Yep I officially have my own lawn to mow. 

So yeah!  I've been busy but that also meant I had plenty I should have been blogging about.  Time to grab the ol' defibrillator and see if I can bring this blog back to life. 

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