Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cleaning the new house

While all of you were celebrating Memorial Day with barbeques and traffic jams, Kimmy, her family, my parents and I were hard at work cleaning the new house.
  • I mowed a lawn for the first time since I worked buildings and grounds at my college.  You would think that techniological progress would have made lawn mowers easier to start up but you would be wrong
  • The purpose of the employees at Lowes is the be as sarcastic and unhelpful as humanely possible.  They are exceeding quite well at this.  
  • From now on when I move chairs and trash cans will be the first things to go into the new residence. 
  • We have been to the house almost a dozen times and still don't have a clue which light switches do what.  
  • Apparenlty I am the only person who thinks that painting the walls black and turning the house into a labyrinth with cardboard boxes would be a cool idea.   
  • It's fun to store your 1000+ books on the floor of a room and then realize that we still need to shampoo the rug.  
  • It's even more fun to shout at your parents, "Hey!  Get off my lawn!"


  1. If you decide to roll with the labyrinth, I know a family of hillbillies that can hook you up with a minotaur.

  2. Hillbillies aren't real, Jon.