Friday, June 8, 2012

What went through my head while skydiving

Yesterday morning Kimmy and I jumped out of an airplane two miles above the ground.  (Fortunately we were both attached to people who know what they were doing.)
  • The absolutely most terrifying part of the experience was signing the wavers stating, "You may (and probably will) die today."
  • There isn't a whole lot to the "skydiving class" before you jump.  While we were walking to the plane I was wondering "when does the class begin."
  • Despite the expression on my face in photos I don't remember being all that scared when my feet  left the plane.  My senses were so overwhelmed there wasn't much of my brain left for emotion.   
  • I will never appreciate a view like I did falling straight toward Ocean City. 
  • My initial reaction when the parachute opened was not relief (like I assumed it would be).  I was more disappointed that the free fall was over. 
  • Regardless, parachuting down was my favorite part of the experience. I especially liked having control of the chute and spinning to get a better view of the horizon. 
  • The only time when I started to feel anxious was when we got closer to the ground and the fact that we were up in the air became more real.
  • The landing was smoother than I thought it would be.  I was expecting a bump like when you land in a plane but we just slid right in.
  • And of course the very first thing I did when we landed was look up in the air to make sure that the parachute attached to Kimmy had opened (it had).    

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