Thursday, August 4, 2011


I took a random sentence, used it as the first line in a story and wrote for five minutes. This is what I got.

Only the flimsy wall of my tent separated me from the low rumbling growl.

"What was that mommy?"  Ashley cried clinging to my sleeve.

"Nothing baby," I whispered, clutching my flashlight.  "It's probably just a possum."

The growl came again, shaking the tent walls.  Whatever was outside was circling us.  I could hear it crushing branches and huffing out deep breaths.

"It's the Pennsylvania Rat Man!"  Marcus squealed clutching his favorite transformer.

"There's no such thing!"  Ashley snapped.  "Right Mom?"

"That's right baby," I rubbed her head.

"Yeah there is!"  Marcus insisted.  "It's this gross mutant that the government built from DNA they found on an asteroid that hit this nuclear power plant in Russia!"

The growl came again.  It was right outside the tent.  I searched for a weapon and only found my water bottle.  "You two get to the back of the tent," I whispered.  "I'm going to scare it off."

I could hear my children scrambling behind me.  I grabbed a hold of the zipper and counted under my breath, "One...two...THREE!"

I tore the tent flap open and jumped out shining my flashlight, raising my water bottle like a club and screaming mindlessly.

It only took me a second to see what had been making the noise. 

Standing in front of me was a real thin creature covered in black scales.  It's narrow body was supported by fifty enormous spider legs.  It's eyes glowed like embers and thick streams of saliva dripped between it's yellow fangs.

"Kids!"  I shouted.  "Don't worry!  It's just Arthur!"

"Arthur!"  Marcus and Ashley squealed and ran out of the tent to give it a hug. 

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