Monday, August 1, 2011

TWO PENNY SAGA: The Sweet Trap

I took a random sentence, used it as the first line in a story and wrote for five minutes. This is what I got.

The headlights were coming straight towards Peter and he couldn’t move.

He desperately struggled against the gallons of caramel that stuck him to the factory floor, but he was completely encased.

“I have you now!” Charlie bellowed from behind the wheel of the steamroller. “Stuck nicely in my sweet little trap!”

“I’m sorry!” Peter bellowed. “I didn’t mean to get you fired!”

“Too late big guy!” Charlie snarled. “Time to crush you like you crushed my dreams.”

“You were a janitor in a caramel factory! How were you fulfilling your dreams?”

Charlie stopped the steamroller and jumped up onto the seat. “I had dreams Peter! I was around Caramel almost twenty-four hours a day! It is the most delicious…most noble of all deserts!”

“No, chocolate is!”

Charlie dropped to the factory floor. “An ounce of caramel has more integrity and flavor than a whole vat of chocolate!”

Struggling against his sugary bonds, Peter shouted, “Chocolate tastes better, is healthier and has a more interesting history!”

“Please!” Charlie rolled his eyes. “Don’t fall for that propeganda. I….HEY!” His feet were stuck in the puddle of caramel where Peter was lying.

“Gotcha!” Peter shouted. “You fell into MY sweet little trap. Now you’re stuck here until security show up tomorrow morning.”

“Oh yeah!” Charlie bellowed. “I’ll still kill you!” He pulled his feet out of his boots but toppled forward landing in the pool of caramel. For a moment the two men struggled but it was hopeless. They were both stuck.

Finally, Charlie mumbled, “I can’t believe this! Stuck in my own trap! And I’m going to miss the Red Sox game.”

Peter managed to turn his head. “Yankees are better.”

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