Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Penny Saga: Plummeting to the Ground

My friend, Heather, suggested this first line to me.  I wrote for five minutes.  This is what I got.  (If any of you have any more suggestions for prompts please let me know.) 

I learned 3 things as my plane crashed.

The first was that a seat belt on a crashing plane didn’t even provide the illusion of security. 

The second was that my big brother, Greg, could still scream like a little girl.

The third thing I learned, as the 747 nosedived toward the earth, was that I become very honest when I’m about to die. 


Greg stopped screaming and turned to me.

“You were taking Amy,” I stammered.  “And I was really jealous and I knew I could blame the dog so I drank all this Mountain Dew-.”

“I’m going to kill you!” Greg bellowed and grabbed me by the throat, strangling me.

I gasped for air and tried to beat him back while hoping that we would crash before he strangled me. 

But then, by some miracle, the plane righted itself and we were flying smoothly again. 

“Sorry about that folks,” the Pilot said over the intercom.  “We’ll be landing at the next available airport.”

Everyone on the plane sat up and looked around, amazed that they were still alive.  Greg and I stared at each other.  He slowly took his hands off my throat and leaned back.  We didn’t say another word to each other until we reached the family reunuion.

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