Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Penny Saga: Complete History form 2012-3012.

My friend, Jon Rhodes, sent me this opening.  I started writing and this is what I got.  
“What? First Russia and now Canada seems to be missing from the textbooks," he said as he read the fading leather THE LAST 1000 YEARS FROM 2012 to 3012

“Shut up!”  Adam growled at his little brother.  Two and a Half Men is on!”

“This is seriously weird.”  Mark leaned over the book.  “According to this, thirty years from now the U.S. will invade Russia and enslave everyone.  Then they’ll take over Canada and….Oh my God listen to this!” 

“I don’t care!” Adam threw an empty Coke can at Mark’s head.  “That’s just a stupid sci-fi stupid book only stupid sci-fi geeks would be into.  It’s not a history book from the future.”

“It was in Grandpa’s cellar with a sticky note on it saying, ‘READ ME!’”

“Grandpa was a sci-fi geek.”

“Don’t talk about Granpa that way.”

Adam’s face made a slight twitch that almost looked like remorse.  He turned back to the TV.

“Just listen to this okay?  America invades Russia, Canada, Europe and then China.  Millions of people are put in prison camps to starve to death.  The rich have it super well off but they are allowed hunt the poor for sport.  The man who makes all this happen is this guy no one knows anything about.”

“Can you wait and tell me this during a commercial?”

“They don’t even know is real name.  Everyone calls him Kodiak.”  Mark looked up.  “Wait, the guys on the lacrosse team call you that.”

“You have me, Mark!  I’m going to grow up to be future Hitler and will invade Canada!  Better tell mom!” 

“Yeah, but you have to admit it’s a funny coincidence.”

Adam turned up the TV’s volume. 

Adam kept watching Two and a Half Men while his brother kept trying to read.  Eventually Mark’s friend, Sean, came over and they walked into town to buy comic books.  Adam waited ten minutes before he glanced over at the book and grabbed it off the couch.  He opened it to a picture of a hundred naked, starving women crowded together in a death camp. 

Adam wrinkled his nose and turned to a page labeled, “Theories on How the Kodiak Gained Power.” 

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