Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Penny Saga: The Supreme Overlord of Earth

This one was a little different.  My friend Heather gave me the image below and it inspired me to write this story.  

 Mark Silverman walked his brown mutt, Barkley, all the way around the block before the dog finally squatted right outside his house.  He was wondering if he really needed to bother picking it up, they were right outside his house after all, when a voice squeaked, “Jerk face!  Get that mammal’s feces off my planet!” 

The voice sounded like it should have come from a stuffed teddy bear.  When mark turned around he didn’t’ see a teddy bear, though.  He didn’t see anyone until something smacked him in the leg.  He looked down and saw a tiny green man with long antennae eyes glaring at him with a rake in one hand.  “Pick up the crap or your face is going to be in it!”

Mark didn’t know what was going on but he decided he should play it safe and pulled the plastic bag out of his pocket.  When he was finally done, and the little man went back to racking Mark’s yard and the boy asked, “What’s going on?”

The green man snorted.  “You may ask that question only once.  Next time you will be eradicated for your insolence.  I have made a bargain with the supreme overlord of your planet.  He will make me supreme overlord if I rake this lawn, clear out the garage, clean the toilet and walk that mammal around the block.”  He pointed at Barkly.  “Which has already been accomplished by another slave!  YES!  I am one step closer to victory!” 

“And what did this supreme overlord look like?”  Mark asked.

“Zaggos!”  Mark’s twelve-year-old brother shouted walking out of the house.  “Those leaves aren’t raking themselves.”

“No great and mighty emproer.”  The little green man snarled.  “They are not.”

“Remember our deal.  I don’t hand over earth until every one of my chores is done!  And don’t forget, I still get to keep Australia and….”  He looked up at Mark.  “Which country do you want?”

“Brazil.”  Mark said and then remembered that Stacy Green, the cute girl who sat behind him in English liked Skiing.  “Switzerland.  I’ll take Switzerland.”

“Okay, we still get to keep Brazil and Switzerland and our mom wants the south of France.  You can keep the North.”  He looked up at Mark.  “Guess what I did today.”

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