Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two Penny Saga: Libraries, Dreams and Machetes

My friend gave me the opening line.  I started writing and this is the story I got.


How do you wake up from a dream? Clap you hands or kill somebody or something?

“How should I know?”  Sharon said without looking up from her Physics notes.  

“I’d go with clapping your hands.”  Josh suggested.  He’d barely looked at his notes all afternoon.

“Are you sure?”  Brooke asked.  “Because I’m getting really tired of this dream and I figured….Just to be on the safe side, maybe I should kill something.”

“I wish this was a dream!”  Sharon mumbled and turned a page in her notebook.  “This makes less sense than it did two hours ago.”

Brooke tapped her finger on the library table and finally said, “Alright, I’m ready to wake up.  I’m going to risk it.”  She closed her eyes and clapped.

Nothing happened.

“See!”  She shouted.  “I told you I needed to kill something!”  She pulled a machete out of her book bag.

“Brooke!  Brooke!  Brooke!”  Josh shouted jumping up.  “What the hell?”

“Where did you get that?”  Sharon shrieked.

“I need to wake up!”  Brooke laughed.  “Jeeze guys!  Not that big of a deal.  I just kill one of you and this boring dream’s over.”

“Just put the machete away.”  Josh said slowly.  “You have been studying way too long!”

“Guys!  I’m tired of having dreams where I’m studying all night.  I know I’m not in college anymore.  I’m a powerful business woman with a six figure paycheck.  Now I need to kill one of you so I can wake up in bed next to my Italian Chef husband!  Now which one of you is going to be the good friend?”

“How do you even know this is a dream?”  Sharon asked.

“Because stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life!  Seriously, who brings a machete to a library?”

Sharon eased her way forward.  “Brooke, please, sweetie just put the-.”

“Brooke!”  Josh shouted.  “You know the best way of waking up from a dream?  Jumping out a window!” 

“That’s right!”  Brook dropped the machete and jumped out the open window.  There was a crash outside followed by a startled cat shrieking. 

Sharon ran to the window.  Josh just sat back down and wondered if this would somehow get him out of his physics final. 

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