Tuesday, October 16, 2012

30 Things I Have Learned Since Getting Married

Yesterday Kimmy and I celebrated our ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.  In no particular order here are 30 things I learned at the wedding, on the honeymoon in Hawaii and since getting home. 

1) My family REALLY likes to dance at wedding receptions. 

2) From now on when I'm getting up to refill my drink I also need to refill her drink as well.

3) Two people produce enough dirty dishes to fill up half of down town Seattle. 

4) Just because a flight attendant tells you you are going to watch one movie doesn't mean you're going to watch that movie.  It could be another much worse movie.  

5)Kimmy has better sea legs than I do.

6) Kimmy doesn't just love Dolphins from the Atlantic.  She thinks the ones in the Pacific are pretty nifty too. 

7) Kimmy and I can finish a drink that's basically pure alcohol and large enough to fill a pineapple. 

8) No matter how much we say we won't, we will always let the neighborhood cat into our house when it wants to.  When it is time for said cat to leave I will always be the bad guy.

9) The super awsome lasagna recipe that I found on the Internet and love is basically the same as the one on the box.

10) My fingers change size drastically (Seriously!  One second this ring is about to fall off and the next it's cutting off my circulation!)

11) I know NOTHING about boilers.

12) When watching a movie where a SWAT team is raiding a building, I'm impressed by the giant guns.  Kimmy is impressed by the officer's hand signals (Maybe because they're similar to the ones she uses when training dolphins)

13) I actually do like snorkeling.

14) Kimmy is incapable of zip lining without showing off.

15) I am not afraid of bees (and for some reason that really bothers people). 

16) Kimmy and I are able to live in a house without a working heating system for a surprisingly long period of time (See lesson 11).

17) Apparently there's some rule out there that you're not supposed to read more than 2 books on your honeymoon.

18) Every road in Hawaii looks the same at night.

19) Kimmy is REALLY adventurous.  (I already knew this but it was confirmed)

20) Kimmy is REALLY patient.  (Once again, something I already knew but has been confirmed)

21) Apparently "Sunset Dinner Cruise" means plowing across the ocean blasting 80's pop music until your elderly passengers beg you for mercy.

22) Coconut beer is not as good as it sounds.

23) When Kimmy gives reasons why we should not go sky diving again, none of them have to do with safety.   

24) The trash is only picked up once a week.  If you miss it you have to live with it until next Friday.

25) If you have a wedding on the Eastern Shore tell your guests to leave 3 hours early to avoid Bay Bridge traffic.

26) Not all busses at BWI will take you where you want to go.

27) If you forget your phone in your car at the air port and it is sitting in the sun for 2 straight weeks it WILL NOT work when you get home.

28) People are not impressed when you tell them it's your one month wedding anniversary.

29) Kimmy and I are capable of hiking 4 miles through the rain forest, swimming in a pool at the base of a waterfall, hiking 4 miles back, eating a dinner of nachos and quessadillas, driving to the airport, flying back to Baltimore and watching a movie all in one forty hour day. 

30) Marrying Kimmy was the best decision of my life. 


  1. Congratulations on your 1 month wedding anniversary! I'm sure it will be interesting how long this list gets after a year. :)

  2. Yeah, think of all the things I'll learn when we have kids.