Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Penny Saga: She was the one who gave me Directions!

My Cousin Jay gave me this first sentence.  I wrote for 5 minutes and this is what I got.  

Michael rowed his boat ashore, except this wasn't Sandusky, Ohio.

“Where are we?”

The mermaid sitting on the bow glanced around.  “I thought we were in Ohio but this might be Paris.”

 Michael jumped out of the boat and the ruby red ocean turned into a busy city street lined with cafes.  Cars honked at them and drivers leaned out the windows cursing in French.  The Eiffel tower loomed overhead.

“I don’t think this is Ohio.” 

“You got us lost again?”  The mermaid moaned. 

“You were the one giving me directions!” 

“Well you were the one rowing!”

“Excuse me son!”  A squat man waddled up to Michael with an even squatter wife.  “Can you tell me the way to your I-Fall tower thingy?”

“It’s right there,” Michael pointed over the man’s shoulder.  “Do you know the way to Sandusky Ohio?”

“Typical French attitude,” the man snorted.  “Always want something in return.”  He waddled off. 

Michael climbed back into the boat and the street behind him turned into the ruby red ocean.  He cast off.  “I told you we should have gone left.”

“Well if you were so certain why didn’t you go left in the first place?”

“Because you told me to go right!  At this rate we’ll never return that library book on time!”  

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